Production Update February 2017

February 18, 2017 More

Apologies for not doing an update last month, but, we’ve been a little busier as this new year got under way.  First of all we’ve decided to offer specific tasks for new Production Assistants coming aboard.  The first three to sign up are Molly Moses, who is assisting the key production heads, Leila Haley, who will be assisting in crew progress, work logs & screen credits, and Carina Goschin who has taken on assisting Zabrina McIntyre and me for my dad’s archival materials and the companion book on UPA, being created in conjunction with our documentary, hence the image of one of the pages in a book my dad was writing on UPA, but, was not able to compete before he died.

Another area we organized during the beginning of the year was to arrange the animation scenes in the Prologue into eleven “sequences”.  Some are just one scene, others are two or three related scenes grouped together to form one sequence that would be undertaken by a single unit of crew members.  We have listed the person who’s interview clips are used to illustrate/animate an idea about UPA.  This list does not include scenes that are only live action, or animation scenes that require lip-sync.  We need to record the voices first.  So, here are the “new” sequences for the Prologue:

1. UPA Style: “Unlimited Animation” scene with Gene Deitch

2. Picket Line: “Met on Picket Line” scene with Steve Bosustow,

“Babbitt & Hurtz” scene with Giannalberto Bendazzi,

and “Brotherhood Bond” scene with Tom Sito

3. Story Meetings: “UPA is Geniuses” scene with Tisha David

and “Artists First” scene with Tom Sito

4. Bright Back Lawn: “UPA is Paradise” scene with JC Dessaint

and “Not One Stamp” scene with Geefwee Boedoe

5. Front of Studio: “We Had Fans” scene with Bill Melendez

6. Hub of New Animation: “UPA is Epicenter” scene with Serge Bromberg

(we still have blocking work to do on this scene)

7. Dark Back Lawn: “Dark HUAC Days” scene with Gene Deitch

(can be done in conjunction with Bright Back Lawn sequence)

8. Woods vs. Hollywood: “Urban Settings” scene with Oscar Grillo

9. Characters Output: “Sausage Factories” scene with Jerry Beck

“Knocked on Rear” scene with Jules Engel

10. Recording Session: “UPA Voice Talent” scene with June Foray

11. Finding UPA shorts: “On the Phone” scene with Bob Kurtz

(this scene has been chosen by Fenway Fan to do in full)

Finally, we are continuing our pitch for additional crew and finishing funds, and will carry on until we raise enough to pay our crew, and other essentials.  We’ve been in a “soft” pitch mode since last year, by just putting the word out and hoping for responses. Our booth brought in a good group of interested crew members, but, we were only able to bring in one backer, which is great, but not enough.  So, we will soon be switching over to a “hard” pitch, with direct requests for funds and crew.  One of the tools will be an IndiGoGo campaign, plus, we’ve signed up for another booth at the annual CTNx animation expo here in Burbank, coming up again in November.  The image above is the main exhibit area, where we were last year and will be again this year.

Stay toon

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