Production Update April 2017

April 27, 2017 More
Bob Kurtz Signs

Busy Boing Month

Welcome to April 2017, a busy month for the Boing Crew. To begin with our Art Director, G. Allen Black, has one of our new crew members, Will Guy, creating backgrounds for the Gerald Hop scene, and is testing out others for other jobs on other scenes.  But, the image here has nothing to do with that, it shows Bob Kurtz signing the big Magoo stand-up poster just to reminder everyone that we have a Boing Shop on the Support page, which has lots of cool animation stuff for sale, profits go to the documentary production, from that big autographed Magoo poster to autographed animation books, like, “When Magoo Flew”, and much more.

Also, we are beginning to sign up PAs for specific jobs.  Molly Moses will be our Production Crew Manager, maintaining our database of crew members and getting Work Logs in, so we know who to pay how much when production funds start arriving.  Leila Hayley is now our Administration Manager, getting agreements out to new crew members and fine tuning our screen credits for the website according to who has done work on the documentary, or are in the midst of it, so when the doc is done, we just transfer the crediton ot the site to the End Credits of the film.  And, finally Anilu Magdaleno will be our Key Outreach Planner, helping to drum up production funds and additional crew, and researching the best source for both.  At our first meeting Anilu and Gwendolyn decide to instigate an original artwork program to raise funds for production.  We have three more positions for fill.

Also, even seven months out, we’re beginning to organized this year’s CTNx booth, again in the big main hall, hence the second image.  But, some unexpected news came during a routine procedure for my knee operation, when they found a cancerous tumor in my esophagus.  At first my daughter and I heard dire predictions that looked like I may not even be able to continue my work on the documentary.  But, my daughter sprang into action and found much more recent protocols that will easily allow me, and our fabulous crew, to finish our work on the doc, and probably allow even more time to create some documentary shorts of specific artists at UPA, probably starting with Bobe Cannon.  Anyway, our character designer, Joanna Davidovich, created a caricature of me for a website my daughter and her two cousins created to raise funds for Sylvie’s out-of-pocket expenses for the uninsured state-of-the-art treatments, a tall order.  If you’d like to take a peak at Joanna’s latest work it’s at  Stay well, tee


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