Production Transcripts

August 24, 2009 More
Destiny McCune

Once we decided to create the narrative flow with interview clips, rather than an uninvolved narrator, transcripts became a most important early production phase.  Since we didn’t have any transcribers on board after the first interviews were complete, we turned to Destiny McCune, who’d created transcripts for Tee Bosustow’s earlier documentaries and informational films and videos.  By 2009 Destiny had moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and was into other things, and we had, almost at the same moment, begun to put together a Transcriber Team, although because of the importance of the work, and the added task of identifying potential clips for scenes, we changed the credit title from Transcriber to Story Editor.  At the time of this writing we are about half way through the most important interviews, about 60 out of our nearly 200 interviews, the ones most likely to appear in the final documentary.

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