Animation Class Visits

September 21, 2009 More

One rather interesting unexpected way to pitch our documentary has been at the invitation of about a half dozen animation classes to show UPA films and discuss UPA and our documentary.  One such class was at the Laguna College of Art and Design, at the invitation of Larry Loc, who teaches several animation classes there.  The classes have all taken on a sort of small version of our Festival and Tribute presentations, the screening of 6 to 12 UPA shorts, usually a mixture of early industrials, with several Columbia theatrical shorts and a few shorts from the CBS Gerald McBoing Boing television series, and then a clip of something from the documentary production in the works.  The Q&A is usually much more interesting, because of the more intimate surroundings, and the teacher up front monitoring the questions that each of the students ask.  The only down side is there are not as many people hearing our pitch, as there are in a big festival layout 1auditorium

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