I Did it My Way

September 10, 2010 More
man at piano

From the archives of the Toon in to the World of Animation podcast, we compiled a video for the AniMazSpot festival of comments from 32 animation professionals on how they got interested in, and started in, the animation business, from step by step planning at an early age to others who just stumbled into it by accident, including; Tisha David, Jules Engel, Oscar Grillo, Bill Melendez, Kaj Pindal, John Weldon, Alan Zaslove, Mel Leven and 24 others.  The Toon in to the World of Animation podcast is being taken down at the moment, but some of those interviews can now be heard on our “Audio Clips” page under the Production menu, and others will be added at a later date.  But, the actual I Did it My Way video can be seen in out Theater.

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