Down Under was the New Up

June 13, 2011 More
Australian Centre for the Moving Image

There’s a wonderful map that’s popular in Australia, which shows Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Antartica on the top of the world globe, and the rest of us down under, and why not, who’s to say which way.  In any case we were invited to present three UPA programs at the Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) by festival director, Malcolm Turner, who we’d met and interviewed at the little festival in Espinho, Portugal.   The MIAF festival is held in the amazing Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the stunning exterior of the building is matched by an equally intriguing interior.  We were able to chat with animators in the Center for Moving Images cafe, and several of the animators then came to Burbank for the AniMazSpot festival and have now joined our documentary crew.  Another perk with some of theses festivals is media coverage.  In Melbourne, presenter, Tee Bosustow, and Festival Director, Malcolm Turner, were interviewed bearded manat a Melbourne radio station.  Every little bit of publicity helps our cause.

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