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January 26, 2013 More
hollywood boulevard artwork

Somewhere in those early days between the interviews getting under way and the crew starting to build up, two major changes took place regarding the format of the UPA documentary.  Tee Bosustow’s background in documentaries held fairly close to the professional standards of that form; interviews, illustrated by stills, film clips, and live action dramatizations, when needed, all tied together with an on-camera host, and narration, sometimes just narration.  That was the original plan for the UPA documentary.

But, first of all, as more interviews were videotaped, it was realized that the passion and first hand knowledge of those involved could not be matched by the best host/narrator, so it was decided that clips from the interviews would carry the narrative flow.  Secondly, as more animation talent began to fill the crew, we said among ourselves, “hey, this is a story about an animation company, we should be illustrating their story with animation, animation in the style of UPA”.  I so it was decided, the interviews would tell they own stories, and we would bring their stories to life with animation.

As of this writing, we have identified 15 scenes, which can be reviewed on our Scenes page, under the Production menu.  Most are still in their infancy, some just a mere idea, not flushed out yet, but several of them have started their journey up the production ladder.  Gerald Hop is the furthest along, about to go into animation, the opening shot is shown above.  You can visit the Scenes page from time to time, or subscribe to our latest news, to see how things are progressing.

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