Companion Book to Doc

April 22, 2014 More

One of the people who signed up for our crew at our first Road Trip booth was Zabrina McIntyre, who stayed to chat with us for a bit.  She’s not a designer or animator like most of our crew, but an animation expert, specializing in animation exhibitions.  She went through some of the materials collected by Steve Bosustow, and looked at the photos of the UPA exhibition at BAFICI in Buenos Aires, and feels she can probably mount the best exhibition of UPA ever seen, and we’re sure she’s right.  Along with other UPA collections, it would be an event long overdue for the little studio that influenced so many in the animation community.

When we mentioned our intentions to put together a companion book to the documentary her eyes lit up.  That’s right up her alley, and many of the items that wouldn’t do well in a big exhibition, would be perfect for book, plus some of the clips from interviews, that don’t make it into the documentary, who be ideal for a book, perhaps a coffee table book, with lots of behind-the-scenes comments.  So, the plan now is to start sending Zabrina transcripts of the interviews, with the idea that she would begin in earnest in January of 2016 on designing the book and starting to organize the images and comments.

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