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The long black & white image is our ad in this year’s CTNX Sketch Book, and, if you “read more”, you’ll see an image from last year’s CTNX, of the booth of Joanna Davidovich, one of our top character designers.  As the the black & white ad states, our booth this year will be at t171, and right next to it will be the booth for Fenway Fan, our Lead Character Designer, as well as the designer of all three levels of the Home page on the website.

CTNX InThe crew members on our Booth team this year are Gwendolyn Arreola, Gloria Arteaga, and Terry Wilson, led by Tee Bosustow.  They are creating all the hand-out materials for both the October World Animation Celebration and November CTNX, as well as the materials to have at the CTNX booth.  The Hand-outs include a new Brochure, some quick view promotional cards, and a sign-up sheet for interested new crew members.  Gwendolyn, Terry, and Tee, are old pros for our CTN Road Trip booths in 2014 and 2015.   Kevin Cannarile joined the 2014 team, and Rosie Albright came aboard for the 2015 Road Trip booth.  Gloria Arteaga fills that extra spot for the 2015 CTNX booth.  We are so thankful to have such talented and dedicated crew members.

I hope all of you can come by our CTNX booth this year, if just to say hello.  We’ll have some give aways, some items for sale, some surprises, and a monitor to run some of our videos.  Plus, if you miss any of us strolling around the floor with hand-outs, we’ll have everything at the booth as well.

Launched in 2004 CTN (The Creative Talent Network) is a virtual community of animation artists from some of the highest grossing films in the history of animation, who come together once a year at CTNX, CTN Animation Expo, to showcase their work and connect with other creatives. As the leaders of this community, their mission is to empower the talent and engage with studios and educators. Making meaningful connections that propel talent into positions within the animation, games, and surrounding industries, is at the heart of what they do. – See more at: http://ctnanimationexpo.com/axAtEvent.php#sthash.KfgDnsLM.dpuf

Purchase your tickets before they sell out.  CTNX is very popular.


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