Gerald Hop

October 7, 2015 More
Jules Engel

The Gerald Hop scene features a story recalled by Jules Engel about how Robert “Bobe” Cannon created the distinctive little hop/skip Gerald does in Gerald McBoing Boing, on his way to and from school.  After much thoughtful and creative comments, several fine story boards and animatics, we are now completing our final layout, and will then assign the animation, and add music and effects.  In this final version, the live action interview of Jules is now imbedded in an animated truck that is delivering produce to the Musso & Frank restaurant, where the animated Jules has just had lunch with the animated Bobe. They exit the restaurant and take a stroll down Hollywood Blvd, and because of a humorous mishap Bobe comes up with Gerald’s hop and then at the end morphs into Gerald doing the final UPA hop.  We’ve also added a clip from our interview with Jeff Pidgeon from Pixar commenting on the artistry of Bobe’s work, plus a number of additional animated characters.

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