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January 8, 2016 More

Although we’ve had booths two years in a row at the downtown Burbank Art Walk, this was the first time we had a booth at the massive indoor CTNX event, and it was an amazing success for us.  Our goal was to sign up more crew members, and incredibly we got over a hundred, some have already started working on our crew.  If you weren’t there and would like to join our crew pull down the menu on our Crew page, to “Join Our Crew”.  The more on board, the quicker we can release our documentary feature.  Hot jobs from now through the early weeks of 2016 are; story boarders, background designers, layout artists, and transcribers.  But, animation, character design, and more will follow soon after.

The crew members who designed and organized our Booth this year were; Lead Production Assistant, Gwendolyn Arreola, Character Designer on our Cartoonz scene, Gloria Arteaga, Boing Photojournalist, Terry Wilson, Producer/Director, Tee Bosustow, Art Director, G. Allen Black, and Lead Character Designer, Fenway Fan, who had the booth right next to ours. Gwendolyn, Terry, and Tee, are old pros at this, as they organized our CTN Road Trip booths in 2014 and 2015. Kevin Cannarile joined the 2014 team, and Rosie Albright came aboard for the 2015 Road Trip booth. We are so grateful to have such talented and dedicated crew members.  Everyone is working on spec so far, but our push now is to finish two of our scene to include in a Pitch Reel, so we’ll have funds by next Spring to pay everyone who’s worked so diligently, and then pay others as they come aboard afterwards.Three Honchos (1)

Our CTNX booth was very popular, due in large part to a big monitor displaying a loop created by Gwendolyn Arreola, that showed clips from our work so far.  This wasn’t something we could do at the previous outdoor booths, but it worked great indoors.  It pulled visitors in to see what’s going on, then, we had some give aways, some items for sale, some surprises, plus, we took turns strolling around the floor with hand-outs.  Also, the sight of UPA on several of our items brought many others to our table.  In the years we’ve been working on this documentary, there seems to be a definite increase in the number of people who now know who UPA is, was.  In fact, one of our first goals in deciding to do this documentary, was to increase the awareness of UPA, and it’s happening even before we’ve finished the film.Terry & Fenway

We’ve already signed up for another booth next year.

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