Production Update October 2016

November 3, 2016 More

With our main pre-production crew member working on the “Historical” Pitch reel, and our main production crew member working on our IndiGoGo Pitch reel, and our Lead Production Assistant heading our CTNx booth for this month, not a lot of actual production was created in October, so we’re relegated to Marketing news, which is important too, of course, just not as sexy.

About a week or so ago we finished our first Pitch Reel, our “Historical” Pitch reel, to bring in more crew and funds, but a couple more of our key crew members suggested some important changes, which we made, so here’s a link to our very first Pitch Reel, which includes all the final changes.  Nothing goes out of here without going through several of our key crew members.  This video is mainly to show what we’ve been up to during our initial production stages, in fact, the bulk of this five and a half minute video is really our “history” up to this point, with a vital little pitch at the end for production finishing funds and additional crew members.  So, take a look at it on our private YouTube site.   Join the fun if you’d like, and give out the link to anyone you think might be interested in climbing aboard as well, or just wants to see what we’ve been doing so far:

Also, I’d like to mention that we intend to make several different sorts of Pitch Reels, besides this first one, and the IndiGoGo video, so that we can attract funds and additional crew from a great variety of sources.  This first video is geared toward folks who already know about our documentary adventure, from individuals who may only be able to afford a small amount, or want to put in a few hours a week on production, to large companies who may want to have their name associated with this important documentary in some way.  Of course, UPA was an important part of the progress of cartoons for kids, to animation as art and commentary, and we suddenly find ourselves as the only ones in a position to create a definitive documentary on UPA, all explained in the historical Pitch Reel.  So, take a look.

And, if you’re attending CTNx this year, come by our booth in the main hall, number B34, between the Gnomon School of Visual Effects and Animation Mentor.  Stop by, if just to say hello.  We’ll have some give aways, some items for sale, some surprises, and a monitor to run some of our latest production work  Plus, you may bump into some of us strolling around the floor with hand-outs, but, we’ll have everything at the booth as well.  You can sign up for our crew, or pick up a list of our Boing Backer gifts, which include Amid Amidi’s “Inside UPA” book, to your film credit on our documentary feature.

Hope to hear from some of you via our contact info in the Suggestion page of our site, or see you at CTNx, and don’t forget to give this link out to others who may want to join our crew or Become a Boing Backer.


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