Companion Book to Doc

April 22, 2014 More

One of the people who signed up for our crew at our first Road Trip booth was Zabrina McIntyre, who stayed to chat with us for a bit.  She’s not a designer or animator like most of our crew, but an animation expert, specializing in animation exhibitions.  She went through some of the materials collected […]

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Save Materials for Future

January 1, 2004 More

Around about early 2004, several people besides Tee Bosustow had seen parts of the materials collected by his father.  It was agreed that many of these items must be used in the documentary and many more in a book, as close as possible to the book that Steve Bosustow intended to write.  However, it was […]

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The Three Oval Circus

May 11, 2002 More

Since the death of Steve Bosustow on July 4, 1981, something approaching 50 boxes of his materials were housed in the home of his eldest son, Tee Bosustow, first in his garage, then, when he moved it all went into a storage facility, and finally in 2002, everything was moved into the second bedroom of […]

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