Production Update October 2016

November 3, 2016 More

With our main pre-production crew member working on the “Historical” Pitch reel, and our main production crew member working on our IndiGoGo Pitch reel, and our Lead Production Assistant heading our CTNx booth for this month, not a lot of actual production was created in October, so we’re relegated to Marketing news, which is important […]

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It’s Great to Be Nominated

October 15, 2015 More

The Motion Picture Academy had a delightful series of programs some years back, called “It’s Great to be Nominated”, where they screened a nominated feature, along with a nominated short, and what was so remarkable about it was that the nominated films were sensational, films that made you wonder why they didn’t get the Oscar.  […]

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October 9, 2015 More

The long black & white image is our ad in this year’s CTNX Sketch Book, and, if you “read more”, you’ll see an image from last year’s CTNX, of the booth of Joanna Davidovich, one of our top character designers.  As the the black & white ad states, our booth this year will be at […]

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Road Back to Burbank

April 13, 2015 More
Road Back to Burbank

This was our second year having a booth at the CTN Animation Road Trip event in Downtown Burbank.  It’s the animation portion of the Burbank Arts Festival on San Fernando Road, between Olive and Angelino.  We’ve attached a couple of photos from the event, one shows a production still being used to explain a portion […]

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I Did it My Way

September 10, 2010 More
man at piano

From the archives of the Toon in to the World of Animation podcast, we compiled a video for the AniMazSpot festival of comments from 32 animation professionals on how they got interested in, and started in, the animation business, from step by step planning at an early age to others who just stumbled into it […]

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Animation Class Visits

September 21, 2009 More

One rather interesting unexpected way to pitch our documentary has been at the invitation of about a half dozen animation classes to show UPA films and discuss UPA and our documentary.  One such class was at the Laguna College of Art and Design, at the invitation of Larry Loc, who teaches several animation classes there.  […]

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Are You Bosustow’s Son?

September 17, 2007 More
Mark Walsh

A funny thing happened as we presenters were enjoying an exotic dinner at a restaurant next to the Botanical Gardens in Rio.  We had spent the morning attending to our various programs, then spent the day touring the amazing Botanical Gardens, which have sections of flora and fauna from nearly every corner of the globe, […]

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Are We Having Fun Yet

July 11, 2005 More
costumed girls

Larry Loc organized a UPA screening for ComiCon 2005, with a small panel of Fred Crippen and Tee Bosustow, which Larry moderated.  We thought it was quite a coup to get a panel at the venerable Comic-Con in San Diego, but, this may have been one of the few events we participated in that was […]

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