Film Credits

This is a list of all the crew members working on the documentary to date, each one listed only once in the area most appropriate to what they have been doing, which most likely will change as we progress. Some crew members have included information and an image of themselves. (For an alphabetical listing of crew members, click here.)


Executive Producer

Tim Finn

Producer / Director

Tee Bosustow

Photo of Tee Bosustow

One of the sons of Steve Bosustow, Tee is an award winning documentary filmmaker, working in all areas of filmmaking in, Paris, London, Hong Kong, and Burbank.  Tee studied Motion Picture production at UCLA, and later taught Broadcast Journalism Production at USC.

Art Director

G. Allen Black

Lead Character Design

Fenway Wei Fan

Photo of Fenway Wei Fan
Website: Fenway\’s Website

Fenway Fan received her MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her unique humor, whimsical and colorful artistic style can be found everywhere in her pieces: character designs for UPA film “The Boing Heard Round The World”, merchandise design for Disney Theme Parks, daily illustrations, and in her award wining film “Handi & V”. Fenway
is currently living in Orlando, FL and freelancing on fun projects.

The characters Fenway has designed so far are: John Hubley, Bill Melendez, Paul Julian, Joe Siracusa, Ted Geisel (Dr.Seuss), Bob Kurtz, Dave Hilberman, Pete Burness, Alan Zaslove, Bill Hurtz, and Grim Natwick. She’s also designed the Street people, dogs, a cat, and the delivery truck, for the Gerald Hop scene.


Mike Kazaleh

Adam Abraham

Chris Zolner

Photo of Chris Zolner

Chris is an educator by training, and teaches third grade at the San Bernadino City Unified School District. He writes children’s books in his spare time, as well as a monthly column, Diary of a Madman, for Foster Focus Magazine. His children’s books, The Secret of the Shadow: The Real Truth Behind Groundhog Day, and his foster care themed novel, Jenna, will be published by
Splashing Cow Books.

Story Editing

Destiny McCune

Cinzia Bottini

Photo of Cinzia Bottini

Cinzia has transcribed the interviews of Hana Cannon, Mike Kazaleh, Giannalberto Bendazzi, Fred Crippen, Stephen Bosustow, Bill Melendez, and Alan Zaslove.

Terry Wilson

Photo of Terry Wilson

Terry has been the doc’s photographer for most all our events, and has also transcribed Bob Dranko, Tony Benedict, Tom Sito, and Joe Siracusa.

Rachel Yelinek

Photo of Rachel Yelinek

Rachel has created background character designs, as well as transcribing the interviews of Serge Bomberg, Jerry Beck, and J-C Dessaint.

Julie Greiner

Alyssa Wejebe

Lee Crowe

Tunisia Mambala

Photo of Tunisia Mambala

Tunisia is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston, majoring in the Fine Arts, with a specialty in digital media, and experience working on video production animation. Tunisia has transcribed John Canemaker, but will be transitioning to animation production.

Bob Richardson

Website: Website

Bob is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts (Chouinard), with a degree in animation and film production and vast experience in the entertainment industry.  After working on many highly acclaimed theatrical cartoons (“Pink Panther,” “Ant and the Aardvark”), TV Specials (“The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat,” “My Mom’s Having a Baby”), as well as TV series (“Planet of the Apes,” “Dungeons & Dragons”),

Bob received four consecutive Emmys and other awards Producing and Directing “Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies” with his talented creative partner, Hank Saroyan. Shortly thereafter, Bob set-up the Marvel Films Animation Studio, Producing/Directing sixty-five half-hour episodes of Fox’s top-rated “Spider-Man” series. He Produced and Directed the CGI TV series: “Max Steel” and in 2004, won his fifth Emmy directing the TV series: “Tutenstein.”

Bob made use of this varied experience, including working on features ranging from Disney’s “Jungle Book” to Bakshi’s “Heavy Traffic,” to complete two action-packed super-hero movies for Marvel and Lionsgate (2006): Ultimate Avengers I and II, as the Producer and Supervising Director. Ultimate Avengers I was awarded one of The Cinema Audio Society’s most prestigious awards: Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing (2006). Ultimate Avengers II won the Entertainment Merchants Association’s 2007 “best non-children’s direct-to-DVD” award. Both Avengers I and II were nominated for Golden Reel Awards. Bob has recently completed work on the animated FOX sitcom: “King of the Hill.”

In addition, Bob is fine-tuning his original screenplay, “Metal-Morphosis,” a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, future-world saga with three sequels already in the planning stages and a number of other projects that he’s been creating during his career, including a recent PSA that was produced to help encourage Film Incentives in North Carolina.

Rosie Albright

Photo of Rosie Albright

Rosie transcribed Jimmy Murakami and assisted with the CTN Booth.

Jimmy Cenci

Amy Johnson

Photo of Amy Johnson
Phone:: 619-490-9123 Website: Website

Christina Lee

Katia Grifois

Production Associates

Gwendolyn Arreola

Kevin Cannarile

Website: Kevin\’s Blog

Animation Director

Linda Lee


Perhaps Linda deserves a special credit as Prop Designer, since she designed more cars than anything else.

Silvina Cornillón

Sébatien Dobadie

Giannalberto Bendazzi

Isabelle Siegrist

Elana Pomaras

Amy Goodrich

Jinkai Qian

Character Designers

Fernando Ferreira Garróz


Fernando designed our “joyful kid” logo, which is at the top of this page, next to the title of the documentary.

Joanna Davidovich

Rachael Saunders

Fabian Corona

Brett Underhill

Silvia Longhi

Production Designers

Gloria Arteaga

Joe Sikoryak


Joe created our very first logo and was seen by thousands before changing the title of the documentary.

Matt Jones

Gladys Contreras

Jordan C. Bickelmann

Work Phone: (818) 237-0175 Website:

Fernando Ferreira Garróz


Fernando designed our “joyful kid” logo, which is at the top of this page, next to the title of the documentary.


Nick Sikoryak

Story Artists / Layout

Andrea Rosales

Sydney Parris


Frank Macchia


Patrick Dunavan

Sylvie Bosustow

Charles Davis

Jamie Ekkens

Rob O’Keefe


Ken Gale

Ed Stevens


G. Melissa Graziano

Stephanie Smith

Tony Best


Zabrina McIntyre

Photo of Zabrina McIntyre

Zabrina has begun research for the Documentary Companion book, on which she will be the Co-Author.
(Drawing is by Jordan Koch.)

Woodbury University Production Students

Edric Tham

Anna Sher

Photo of Anna Sher

Boulevard Grauman's Created early Hollywood Boulevard designs.


Samantha Brandt

Zare Oganesyan


Created Incidental Character Design and Test Animation at Woodbury’s UPA Documentary Production class

Cynthia Nava

Photo of Cynthia Nava
Cell Phone: (323) 313-6763

Cynthia designed a number of characters, including a Hairdresser character and a Snooty Woman character, who others beside herself created walk cycles.

Download (PDF, 8.52MB)

Download (PDF, 4.37MB)

Production Babies

Joy Qian

Photo of Joy Qian

Baby Talia

Baby Roux

Photo of Baby Roux