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September 7, 2015 More

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With your donation of $100.00 or more, you will receive all of the following:

1. A Certificate of Appreciation: Will be sent out via email, within a week of receiving funds. Backer can print it on paper of their choice.

2. Listing on this UPA documentary website: Backer’s name will be added to the “Backers” list on “Backers” page, within a week of receiving their funds.

3. Copy of an Early Overview of the Documentary video: To be sent out within a week of the completion of our first scene that will be incorporated into a Fund-Raising video and your Overview video. We are expecting this to be late 2015 or early 2016.

4. An official business card with the logo design by Fernando Ferreira Garróz, our designer in Rio de Janeiro. The first business card was designed by Joe Sikoryak, our designer in San Francisco. Template of Backer’s personalized business card is sent with ten cards to the page, for the Backer to print out at their home or business. Our Art Director, G. Allen Black has added three additional colors, your choice. And, he is now designing a brand new card will be fashioned in a way to incorporate the longer new website address.

5. A copy of the Documentary itself: If all goes well, in other words if we can beef up our crew and bring in more funds, both of which are promising, we could have the documentary completed late in 2016. There are no guarantees, but, the final documentary will be sent out shortly after it’s completed.

6. An “I ❤ UPA” T-Shirt: Let us know what sizes you want.