Magoo Stand-Up

November 11, 2015 More

Includes removing foam core and shipping anywhere in the US.



This one-of-a-kind autographed Boing Stand Up, with little cartoon drawings accompanying most of the signatures, stands 72 inches tall and is 24 inches wide, and it’s mounted on a one inch thick foam core backing, and comes with a foam core base.  If you pick it up at our office, it will be on this foam core backing.  The two remaining mailing prices include meticulously peeling the artwork off the foam backing and sending it in a mailing tube.  If you wanted to have it mailed with the foam core backing still attached, we would have to get a custom quote on how much that would cost.

Bob Kurtz SignsFollowing the Alex event, animators began to sign the Magoo Stand Up, and add their unique cartoons, some shared the top half with Magoo, but most like Bob Kurtz, seen here in deep concentration over his creation, chose the bottom half, with the list of studios and schools that festival goers toured that year.



Close ups of some of the autographs and original cartoon creations are shown directly below.

All, of course, are original drawings. The titles are our invention and not part of the poster