Conga Line

UPA Staff 1950s Conga Line

Steve, Hub, Jules, Bobe, Paul, Bill, and Fred. Original line designed by Fernando Ferreira Garróz, Rio. Addition of Fred Crippen by G. Allen Black, NYC.

One of the most exciting parts of our production so far, has been the designing of characters, primarily important people during the heyday of UPA.  We haven’t included all of them, because we want to save some surprises for the documentary, plus there are a number of characters of people outside of UPA, also not shown here, as well as many we haven’t even created yet.

In fact, some of these may even be changed as we move through production.  We should also mention that not all the character designers are represented here, see Film Credits for the complete list.  The characters designed by some of them we have chosen not to include, or there are important ones that haven’t been finished yet, such as, Art Babbitt, and Chuck Jones, who also worked at UPA.

If you’d like to try your hand at creating some new characters, or become involved in any other part of our production team, go to the crew sign-up page to climb aboard the Good Ship Boing.

Here’s a sample of some of our character creations, along with the character designer responsible:



Steve Bosustow by G. Allen Black
Dave Hilberman by Fenway Fan
Zack Scwartz by Joanna Davidovich


Robert “Bobe” Cannon by G. Allen Black
John “Hub” Hubley by Fenway Fan
Pete Burness by Fenway Fan


Bill Melendez
Grim Natwick
Willis Pyle by Joanna Davidovich


Jules Engel
Paul Julian
Bob McIntosh


Herb Klynn
Bill Scott
Ted Geisel