Relatives of UPAers

Hana Cannon

Photo of Hana Cannon
Daughter of Robert “Bobe” Cannon

We interviewed Hana Cannon in the home she shared with her sister, Abby Donnely, out in the country hideaway, Sequim, up-state Washington, in 2005.
Assistance: Abby Donnely

Hana Cannon is the eldest daughter of the legendary animation director, Robert “Bobe” Cannon. Hana may be the ultimate biographer of her father, but she has also had a long career in animation production and feature length live action, plus screen writing and publishing her own novel.

Hana Cannon is part of the Bobe Tied Up scene

Nick Bosustow

Photo of Nick Bosustow
Son of Steve Bosustow

We interviewed Nick Bosustow at a holiday retreat in Palm Springs, California in 2007.

Nick Bosustow is one of two sons of Steve Bosustow, and was his partner at Stephen Bosustow Productions, for 17, producing award-winning entertainment and educational films. Nick gives a fascinating inside look at the man who ran UPA during its “golden era.”

Nick also won an Oscar in 1971 for Always Right to be Right?

Tony Eastman

Photo of Tony Eastman
Son of Phil Eastman

We interviewed Tony Eastman at his home studio in up-state New York in 2006.

Tony Eastman, son of pioneering UPA writer, Phil Eastman, remembers his father’s collaborations with director John Hubley, and the dark days of the McCarthy era. Tony has gone into the animation world as well, but has worked in the graphics end of the business, as well as writing.

He has also created children’s books.

Lee Klynn

Photo of Lee Klynn
Son of Herb Klynn

We interviewed Lee Klynn at his home in the lovely little town of Los Altos, south of San Francisco, in 2003.

We couldn’t find a picture of Lee, and yet he was among our very favorite interviews. Beside the intervie, he also showed us some of the paintings his father did, and he was a very accomplished artist, indeed.

Bruce Burness

Photo of Bruce Burness
Son of Pete Burness

We interviewed Bruce Burness in his race car design shop in Pasadena in 2004.
Assistance: Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi

Bruce Burness, son of director, Pete Burness, is a racecar designer, who got his start as a teenager, working on the exotic cars of various artists at UPA. He showed us an amazing collection of UPA cells, drawings, backgrounds, and other material collected by his father.  In the picture we’ve attached, he’s talking about this original 1949 background from the very first Mr. Magoo short, Ragtime Bear, from Pete’s collection.

Bruce Burness is part of an unreleased scene.

Gerry Woolery

Photo of Gerry Woolery
Son of Ade Woolery

We interviewed Gerry Woolery at his lakeside home overlooking Puget Sound and the Cascade mountain range, in Washington State in 2005.
Assistance: Hana Cannon

Gerry Woolery is one of the two sons of Adrian Woolery, UPAs first production manager. Ade then went on to found Playhouse Pictures in Hollywood. Gerry has some great stories of his childhood at UPA, and later working with Bobe Cannon at Playhouse. Herb Klynn told Gerry that Gerald McBoing Boing was named after him, as he was
playing around the UPA offices with Christopher Cannon when both were 7 years old.