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Production Update October 2016

November 3, 2016 More

With our main pre-production crew member working on the “Historical” Pitch reel, and our main production crew member working on our IndiGoGo Pitch reel, and our Lead Production Assistant heading our CTNx booth for this month, not a lot of actual production was created in October, so we’re relegated to Marketing news, which is important […]

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Production Update September 2016

October 10, 2016 More

First of all, let me apologize for not getting the September update posted until October.  Secondly, this “Production Update” is actually a pot pourri of our marketing and production activities for September; our new larger CTNx booth, our Pitch Reel to finish the doc, and finally a bit of production, on the “Kurtz on the […]

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Production Update August 2016

August 19, 2016 More

It’s August, so, welcome once again to our monthly update.  We left off in July with the first 40 scenes blocked out, plus, the Gerald Hop, Cartoonz is Cartoonz, Prologue, and Kurtz on the Phone, scenes underway, and the promise of getting started this month on the Pitch reel to bring in funding for our […]

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Production Update July 2016

July 25, 2016 More

As we embarked on the production of the first 40 scenes, which we blocked out last month, an additional way of working has popped up.  Our process so far has been to work with individual story boarders, character designers, background artist, animators, and such, assigning each one a different element of a scene, so we […]

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Production Update June 2016

June 24, 2016 More

Production Update June 2016 The blocking out of the third edition of our written and video timeline was completed on June 13.  It pulls together all our far flung ideas for the Prologue and the first scenes for the body of the documentary in just one written timeline, with a video backup to give us […]

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Production Update May 2016

May 29, 2016 More

Our Crew has just concluded the written version of the all important Prologue.  In a few days we will start tackling the video version, which will include 18 interview clips for the Prologue, as well as ten additional scenes for the body of show, which we’re guessing together will amount to about 26 minutes of […]

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Production Update April 2016

April 8, 2016 More

    For over a decade we have been meticulously selecting clips from some of our interview s to create individual scenes, and working on one scene at a time, with no worries about where each one will fit in the documentary.  We’ve created an animated scene to illustrate Jules Engel talking about how Bobe Cannon […]

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Boing Booth @ CTNX

January 8, 2016 More

Although we’ve had booths two years in a row at the downtown Burbank Art Walk, this was the first time we had a booth at the massive indoor CTNX event, and it was an amazing success for us.  Our goal was to sign up more crew members, and incredibly we got over a hundred, some […]

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UPA Doc @ WAC Festival

December 16, 2015 More

In the waning days of October, The Boing Heard Round the World took center stage in the Harryhausen theater at this year’s World Animation Celebration, held on the Sony Animation lot in Culver City. On hand for a lively and informative panel discussion, moderated by Lee Crowe, four panelists, passionate about UPA and our documentary […]

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CTN eXpo is finally here

November 18, 2015 More

Will we see you at CTNX this weekend? The long black & white image is our ad in this year’s CTNX Sketch Book. Our booth this year will be at t171, and right next to it will be the booth for Fenway Fan, our Lead Character Designer, as well as the designer of all three […]

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