Scene Credits

The End Credits on the final documentary film will be a general overview, like the one now listed under Film Credits. However, in our Companion Book and here on the website, we’re going to be listing the individual production credits for each of the scenes that make up the documentary animation. As each scene starts along its production journey, we will add them to this page, but, right now we’re only listing the credits for the Gerald Hop scene:


Tee Bosustow


One of the sons of Steve Bosustow, Tee is an award winning documentary filmmaker, working in all areas of filmmaking in, Paris, London, Hong Kong, and Burbank.  Tee studied Motion Picture production at UCLA, and later taught Broadcast Journalism Production at USC.

Art Direction

G. Allen Black

Story Board

Sydney Parris

Andrea Rosales

Story Editing

Jules Engel Interview

Gwendolyn Arreola


Bobe Cannon character
Jules Engel character

G. Allen Black

Stage Hand/Driver character

Rachael Saunders

Street People and Delivery Truck

Fenway Wei Fan

Photo of Fenway Wei Fan
Website: Fenway\’s Website

Fenway Fan received her MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her unique humor, whimsical and colorful artistic style can be found everywhere in her pieces: character designs for UPA film “The Boing Heard Round The World”, merchandise design for Disney Theme Parks, daily illustrations, and in her award wining film “Handi & V”. Fenway
is currently living in Orlando, FL and freelancing on fun projects.

The characters Fenway has designed so far are: John Hubley, Bill Melendez, Paul Julian, Joe Siracusa, Ted Geisel (Dr.Seuss), Bob Kurtz, Dave Hilberman, Pete Burness, Alan Zaslove, Bill Hurtz, and Grim Natwick. She’s also designed the Street people, dogs, a cat, and the delivery truck, for the Gerald Hop scene.


Matt Jones

Andrea Rosales


Andrea Rosales


Rob O’Keefe