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June 21, 2005 More
animation festival

UPA presentations at animation festivals became a key element in the progress of the documentary, because not only were we able to get the word out via the attraction of seeing UPA films, but it was also one of the few ways we could afford interviewing international animation artists.  The festivals paid our air fare, hotel, and meals, so all we had to do was find time to locate and interview people during our breaks in what were usually a very busy schedule.  You can read more about our festival presentation under the “festivals” category, but the festivals were in Zagreb, Croatia, Ottawa, Canada, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Espinho, Portugal, Melbourne, Australia, Palm Springs, California, Trébon, Czech Republic, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

However, we also attended the granddaddy of all animation festival, which began back in 1960 in Annecy, France.  Sébastian Dabadie arranged everything.  He found an apartment that held about eight of us, mostly French animation students, but also Amid Amidi, the other half of Cartoon Brew at the time, and the Bosustows.  Sébastian arranged all the tickets and pointed us in the right directions.  Plus, good ‘ol Giannalberto Bendazzi sneaked us into a few production company parties and took us under his wing to introduce us to the best and the brightest.  And, to top it off, Sébastian arranged a meeting for us back in Paris with the legendary festival director of Annecy, Serge Bromberg.

So, even though we didn’t present a UPA program there, it became yet another occasion to meet animation folks from around the world and tell them about our documentary.


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