Are We Having Fun Yet

July 11, 2005 More
costumed girls

Larry Loc organized a UPA screening for ComiCon 2005, with a small panel of Fred Crippen and Tee Bosustow, which Larry moderated.  We thought it was quite a coup to get a panel at the venerable Comic-Con in San Diego, but, this may have been one of the few events we participated in that was not worth the trouble.  ComiCon has a massive fan base, around 130,000 attend annually, so it seems to make sense that a good portion of those enthusiastic fans would attend a UPA event.  But, the mood at Comic-Con we discovered was what we described as raucous mayhem, which is, of course, a ton of fun, but, on the other hand it’s not the sort of fan that is generally drawn to UPA shorts, the antithesis of raucous mayhem.

We got a nice sized crowd, but we couldn’t help feeling that many of them just came in to escape the hot and rude crowd out in the great hall.  Heck, we’d waiting in line ourselve for an hour out under the unrelenting blaze of the sun rays.  We were happy to come into the cool presentation room ourselves.  For some reason we haven’t been able to locate the shot of the three of us up on the dais, so, the hallway outside our presentation room was the closest we could find.

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