Production Layouts

March 20, 2015 More

Layouts, as most of you know, are sort of like story boards, but where story boards are at the front end of the production line, putting out new and established ideas for the scene it illustrates, in a visual form, sketching out each section of the scene in broad stokes, with rough drawings, layouts, on the other hand, come toward the end, they look a bit like story boards, each frame visualizing a section of the scene, but they’re much more detailed.  They assemble all the final, approved, elements of the scene; characters, backgrounds, story ideas, and such and create what looks like a “finished” story board, with everything looking very actuate, on-model, and ready for the animation team to start their final work.

At this writing, only one of our scenes has reached the Layout point in production, but one of the frames is shown about, created by Andrea Rosales.  You can see that the background, and characters, and even the car in the foreground are much more clearly delineated, with a little arrow to indicate direction for the animators.  Once we finish this website, that scene will be going into a revised layout, and then animation.  Plus, there are other scenes that will be moving along now, as we find more time, more funds, and more crew members.

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