Funding Update, October 2015

October 9, 2015 More

Since our successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2012, we’ve been pretty productive, a bit like Magoo appears to be up there in his 1957 short, Magoo Saves the Bank.  Not that we’ve been flush with funds, far from it, but, compared to the bone dry period prior to Kickstarter, well, it’s like night and day.  For more info about the difficult times prior to Kickstarter, you can find an article on that by going to “Kickstart Funding – 10 August 2012” in the Back Issues page.

Fund inSince Kickstarter we’ve raised some additional funds, which have gone largely to events to raise awareness of UPA and our doc, to some side trips not paid for, after presenting UPA at a festival, which were paid for.  This allowed us to videotape interviews of many important international animation legends that we couldn’t have afforded traveling to from Burbank.  Then, some funds have gone to small out-of-pocket expenses for the production, and, of course, the cost of this new website.   We also have money in the bank ready for an all important series of pitches coming up shortly.  The three major areas we’ll be pitching, will be to raise funds to pay our marvelous crew members, who have been working on spec all this time, to pay for the rights to use UPA film clips and characters, and finally, to connect with a good distributor who appreciates the legacy of UPA.

For this, Jinkai Qian, Fenway Fan’s husband, will be overseeing an IndiGoGo campaign, with the goal of raising finishing funds primarily to pay our crew, and have enough left over to add more to our bank account for film rights and technical costs.

Finally, during this time we’ve identified the three main areas that interested people can support us: becoming donors, joining our crew, and/or purchasing collectables.  So, let us know, through our Support pages, if you’re interested in getting involved in The Boing Heard Round the World.

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