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October 9, 2015 More

This TBHRTW Website is Now Open to all visitors, although construction continues on final refinements, adding more content, designing additional graphics, and making a few more improvements.  We’re always open to suggestions in our Suggestions page.  Four of our crew members have been working on building this site since early June, when a donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, offered funding if we would only use it to create a new website, to replace the clunky one we’ve had for so many years.  Of course, we jumped at the chance.

Construct OutThe first order of business was to find a great web designer, and after reviewing the qualifications of about a dozen, we chose Braddon Mendelson of NoisiVision, who stood out from all the rest, if for no other reason than his extensive interest and knowledge of UPA, and we’ve been extremely happy with him since the minute he started.  Brad has not only done a great job with the normal web design sorts of tasks, but, often has ideas that go beyond the realm of just web design to make this site even better than it might have been.

Once Brad was in place our four crew members began their work.  G. Allen Black has been the primary person to formulate the overall look of the site, and instigated some of its more unique aspects.  We wanted the site to push some boundaries, in honor of UPA, the ground breaking animation studio we’re documenting.  Fenway Fan has been our primary designer, and the three level home page is a perfect example to her incredibly creative talents.  Gwendolyn Arreola has been in charge of the production aspects of this website and tying everything together between it and the various social media sites which she manages.  Tee Bosustow has been primarily in charge of the content, transferring some items from the old site and creating new item for this one, as well as being the buck-stops-here guy.  Bosustow is also upgrading that original UPA Legacy Project website.

So, all four crew members, and Brad, continue to tweak things, some of them still quite important.  We wanted the site up before our World Animation Celebration panel in late October, and we now hope to have it completely finished before our booth at CTNX in late November.  Of course, web sites are a moveable feast, with constant updates and improvements, but we expect the essential completion of the site by 6 November, the birthday of Steve Bosustow, who ran UPA during the 1950s.  He would have been 105 this year, just one year older than his sister Emma, who almost made it to 104.


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