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October 9, 2015 More

The Toon in to the World of Animation site, as some of you may recognize by the image of the soon-to-be former Toon in Home page, which you’ll see if you “read more,” has not disappeared completely.  The site itself will be coming down in early November, but most of the interview clips themselves will continue on this site, under the Production pull down menu, on the Audio Clips page.  The Toon in mascot, by the way, was designed by Dave Stolte.

Toon InOnly the 30 audio clips that have some relevance to UPA are on this web site, the rest of them are going to be on the new the UPA Legacy Project site, which is in the process of being rebuilt, hopefully finished by November.  The present UPA Legacy Project website at, is frozen in time, at the very moment that Apple stopped supporting iWeb, which is how the UPA Legacy site was built.  We have now begun to switch the information and images to a Sandvox app, and as soon as we have that all put together we’ll switch the URL from the frozen iWeb site to the new Sandvox version, so there will be no interruption of our original UPA Legacy Project site.  We’ll just be able to update the Sandvox version, which we haven’t been able to do lately with the iWeb version.

Be that as it may, you can enjoy most of the audio clips that were up on our Toon in to the World of Animation site, right here on the Audio Clips page, dedicated to just those 30 audio clips.  The first clips date back to interviews we did in the early 2000s.  We may add to them later on, we have nearly 200, after all, so if you’d like to hear clips from some of the other interviews let us know through the Suggestion page.

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