Friends Outta Woodwork

February 18, 2004 More

Funding over the first decade was relatively small, personal donations, investments and loans, production crew members even put up funds as well as working on spec.  The largest investment came in 2004 from Christyne Byron of Laguna Niguel, California.  Small funds have continued to flow in from friends and fans, even after our big Kickstarter campaign in 2012, such as a fundraiser way over in Paris, France. The image is from the front of that fund raiser flyer, created by Sêbastian Dabadie.  But, the vast majority of support has not been in the form of hard currency, but instead as creative work as crew members on the documentary production, on spec, awaiting the next large fundraising campaign to bring in funds to pay this dedicated group.  We hope it will be before the end of 2015, if a lot of things go well, including a new website, appearances at a couple of Los Angeles animation events, and probably an IndiGoGo campaign, but if not the end of 2015, then early 2016.  The plan is to pay the crew that has been working on spec first, then start offering fees for additional work by these crew members, and others who then join us, not just for the love of UPA, but for income as well.

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